When the journey began eight years ago, never did we imagine what Next Door would become. A second home, a family, a neighborhood hangout; where we shared smiles, memories, and laughter from so many. Our love of beer and local artisan food turned into a brand that we have loved and nurtured. With every journey in life, there comes a crossroad. We as owners, have decided to step aside and let a new chapter begin at our brewpub location. The Next Door brand will continue on through distribution, the brewpub and restaurant will transfer to new ownership and will reopen as new brewery called Starkweather Brewing.

While we are prospering like never before, our decision has been made out of a desire to spend more time with our families. Our last day open at the brewpub will be Sunday, August 15 so we hope you come see us one final time. We also encourage everyone to support the new pub owners in their endeavors. Finally and most importantly, continue drinking Next Door. You can find your favorite bottled and can products at your local retailers as we venture forward with distribution in Wisconsin. To our loyal patrons and staff, we want to say thank you for the last eight years! Everything has always been about providing a fun experience for you!


The Next Door Brewing Company owners

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We are a locally-owned craft brewery embedded with neighborhood spirit. Great beer is what we are about. Our beer is handcrafted in small batches ranging from our core beers, to a wide variety of seasonal, creative and collaborative brews.

Our Story

Next Door Brewing Company opened in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013 as a small brewpub and restaurant. Demand for our beer grew and in December 2015, we launched distribution in the greater Madison area. Distribution grew quickly and we are now available across southern Wisconsin. In late 2021, owners of what is now Starkweather Brewing, contacted us wishing to take over the location of our brewpub/restaurant. Since we transitioned this to them we are now focusing solely on distribution.